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Forget those guilty pleasures – here’s some really sexy tips

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

With the VAT going back up to 17.5% in January 2010, it has left a lot of people wondering whether a holiday abroad is affordable again this year. With the rise of inflation, particularly in fuel, it means the cost of living has become more expensive. In short, it means holidays and travelling to the airport will become an even pricier affair.

I don’t know about you, but for me, getting away at some point during the year is essential. There’s only so much I can take of dear old Blighty and the grind of daily life, so an escape is mandatory. The only problem it poses is that unescapable issue… money.

Capitalism is the dominant culture, meaning that money is pretty much the deciding factor when it comes to taking a trip or holiday. And as unfortunate as it sounds, that’s the way it is. So, what can we do and what do we do?
We’ve heard it all, credit-crunching offers, biggest ever sales, special offers to beat the recession – it’s our only way of taking away the guilty pleasure of consumption. If we know we’re getting that good deal, it doesn’t make getting what we want quite so bad.

Putting those guilty pleasures aside, what about a less sexy topic – airport parking. Yes, it isn’t the most riveting subject. But it’s something that everyone needs if they’re driving to the airport, so I guess you could call it an essential. So, how can we help you save cash on your essentials?
We have over eighteen years’ experience in airport parking and it is our forte, so I guess it’s fair to say we probably have a good idea of the best money saving tips and pointers.

So, without further ado, cutting all of the credit-crunching jargon, here’s our top five tips to saving money on airport parking…

1) Tattoo it on your forehead and sticky note your house – always pre-book as early as possible, never turn up on the day and pay the gate prices

2) Search the mountain tops for a best price guarantee – actually, just click here, it’s a lot easier

3) Pre-book and sign-up for email newsletters – you’ll get sent discounts and offers to your inbox to help you save even more next time

4) Don’t park your car on the runway – off-airport parking is close to the airport, up to 60% cheaper than the gate prices and offers FREE transfers

5) Compare airport parking – don’t just turn up, shop around. Airparks compare rates continually and with 24 hour pricing, it means we’re always up-to-date

So, the motto of this blog is pre-book and save – it makes sense.

Published by Ross Barnard on March 11, 2010

pre-book and save - used under creative commons licence from joeshlabotnik

Airport parking is boring – Just how we like it

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Airport parking is one of those things that isn’t particularly interesting or exciting – in fact, it’s actually quite boring. It isn’t a product we desire to buy, it’s just one of those things that we need when going away.

So, airport parking isn’t interesting, neither is it fun or compelling – but would you really want it to be? We already know it’s boring and maybe that’s for a pretty good reason. We want our car to be safe and secure, we wouldn’t want to leave it in a car park in the hands of international flame-throwing artistes’ or motorbike stunt fanatics in action.
We want to leave our car in good faith, knowing it will be there as we left it on our return.

Airparks Gatwick

Is there anything we can extract from the pretty much dull world of airport parking that remotely holds something to raise a smile? Well, there’s a couple of things that are at least enough to show you an insight into saving money and making the right choice. That could be enough to raise a smile, or enough to save you time, hassle and cash when making that uninspiring choice.

Well, without making this sound too exciting, let’s cut to the chase and grab airport parking by the horns. Off-airport, on-airport, valet or meet and greet parking – a varied choice of parking options to tickle your fancy.
Let’s look at it this way, you’re probably going to be looking for the best price, or for a service that is completely hassle-free and time efficient.
At Airparks – we aim to provide airport parking at budgets to suit all pockets. Whether you’re looking for a great price on eight days’ Park and Ride, or you’re looking to be met at the airport – our prices guarantee great value for everyone.

Our car parks may be pretty unexciting and uneventful – which isn’t a bad thing, but our staff aren’t. Giving service with a smile and going that extra mile, it’s just another thing that makes us stand out from the rest. If your car battery is flat or you need a jump start, our staff will be there to assist in any way possible.
But what really makes good airport parking? What do you expect when you go to an airport car park? Well, this is how we think good airport parking should be. You want your car to be in safe hands, with quick transfers to-and-from the airport. You want a friendly and helpful service, hassle-free from start to finish and free from gripes and mishaps. More importantly including all these qualities, you’ll also want a price that makes you feel like you aren’t being ripped off.

If you think that’s how airport parking should be – think Airparks.

We’re the UK’s largest off-airport parking operator and have car parks at eight major airports. Check out the links to Airparks Birmingham, Airparks Cardiff, Airparks East Midlands, Airparks Gatwick, Airparks Glasgow, Airparks Luton, Airparks Manchester Handforth Dean, Airparks Newcastle.

Published by Ross Barnard on January 19, 2010